International Monetary Research Ltd. has one product, an economic advisory service provided almost entirely online. It has the following three elements,

  • The first is access to the subscribers-only part of the company’s website. This presents a ‘World Money Map’, with links to commentary on money supply trends in the leading economies. The company interprets the implications of these trends for financial markets and economies.
  • The second is a monthly e-mail service, which discusses recent money supply developments in the leading economies, with analysis of their message for asset prices and economic activity. The monthly e-mail reviews money supply growth (or decline) in six large economies, the USA, the Eurozone, China, Japan, India and the UK.
  • Third, a video is prepared each month and made available to subscribers with the e-mail. Professor Tim Congdon reviews money growth patterns and discusses what they mean for the world economy and financial markets. (He also from time to time discusses other economic developments that have an important bearing on the economic outlook.)

The cost of the advisory service is £2,800 a year.

The subscribers-only part of the website can be accessed by means of a username-and-password combination. The cost of one username-and-password combination is £2,800 a year. Corporate subscribers are welcome to take out several subscriptions, but each username-and-password combination costs £2,800. (International Monetary Research Ltd. is philosophical that some forwarding of e-mails is inevitable, but excessive forwarding can be monitored and may lead to suspension of the service.)

The username-and-password combination is sent to subscribers either on payment of the £2,800 fee or on a trial basis for a limited period.

Subscribers will sometimes be sent a recent research paper from the Institute of International Monetary Research, where this research paper is significant for international economic trends, and hence for interest rates, exchange rates and other asset price movements.

Professor Tim Congdon is prepared to give presentations to particular clients about the macroeconomic outlook, with a particular emphasis on the importance of the banking system and money supply trends, but he is now in his sixties, and wants to spend as much of his time as possible on macroeconomic research and writing. The cost of a single such presentation to a financial institution or company is therefore £20,000.

Tim Congdon is also an outstanding public speaker, who gives keynote speeches to business audiences, as well as numerous talks to economic and political think-tanks. Unless the speech is pro bono, his minimum fee is £5,000.

Please note that all the profits earned by International Monetary Research Ltd. are donated to the Institute of International Monetary Research. As Professor Tim Congdon does not take an income from International Monetary Research Ltd., subscriptions to International Monetary Research Ltd. are in effect donations to the Institute.