The following research articles have been published by International Monetary Research Ltd and Professor Tim Congdon. They are in pdf format and can be downloaded by clicking on the title.

Why should the Beckhams and Rooneys of corporate finance be penalised but not the Beckhams and Rooneys of Football?

Nowadays little is heard of Ralph Hawtrey whereas Keynes is revered as if he were an intellectual pop star

Keep the money flowing to stave off deflation

Banks need way to stop inflation and deflation

The Unnecessary  Recession

If the Regulators in their zeal, try to destroy risk, they will spark a deflationary disaster

Robert Skidelsky has moved away from Keynes and closer to Keynesians

What would Keynes say now?

Wrong Doctrine

Beb Bernanke promised Milton Friedman that the mistakes of the Great Depression would not be repeated

The Conservatives should reintroduce the Medium-Term Financial Strategy that Thatcher championed and Brown dropped 

Recipe for disaster – reply

Bank-bashing with a vengeance

Despite bankerbashing in the media, the British taxpayer ought to make a profit from the government’s intervention in the banking crisis

Has Bernanke broken his promise to Friedman?

Traditional monetary economics vs Keynesianism, creditism and base-ism 

The Eurozone shambles has been the worst setback for European integration since the 1940s

Quantitative Easing prevented the Great Recession from becoming the Second Great Depression

Gordon Brown – The former prime minister didn’t save the world after the Great Crash of 2008. Instead his actions only made things worse

What is Money?

Congdon’s Law on Public Debt

Cuts in Public Expenditure & Reductions in Deficits have deflationary effects. But what about the evidence?

Under my proposal well-behaved banks would have a strong interest in preventing their risk-prone rivals from ruining the system

Burdening banks will sink the recovery—and the Tories

Krugman’s Liquidity trap claptrap

The 166 Countries outside the EU are at peace even though they do not belong to the EU or enjoy the benefits of the single currency

The City of London like all financial markets does resemble a casino

If Mervyn King should be awarded a medal for his bravery before a solid redoubt of fact, he also deserves a prize for the exceptional selectiveness of his memory

To point a finger at “bankers” is as dangerous as stigmatising racial or religious minorities

Gordon Brown needs to be warned that everyone, even Prime Ministers, must obey the law

Despite bankerbashing in the media, the British taxpayer ought to make a profit from the government’s intervention in the banking crisis

Empirical evidence shows that whereas Friedman knew what he was talking about, Keynes did not

Britain’s national debt is likely to peak at above 100% of national income by 2014 or 2015

The PM does not control Britain like a chief executive, a ship’s captain or a headmaster

Bankers are humans too. Their only crime has been to be clever, hard-working, rich and successful

Has the banking crisis cost the taxpayer £2 billion, £131 billion or £500 billion?

So who has been proved right: the crass American Keynesians or the boneheaded German monetarists

George Osborne must be congratulated on his large, necessary and overdue reductions in government expenditure

The British political class has been bribed. Too many members have taken decisions for the greater good of themselves and their chums

The odd couple who presided over disaster

The government has sensibly decided to give back to the Bank of England its old job of regulator

New Labour’s top brass doesn’t live on council estates, but it might have the decency to check the impact on impact its policies have had on the UK labour market

Adair Turner’s worry is that the UK’s financial sector takes up scarce resources and unfairly redistributes wealth. Lord Turner is talking rot

Talk about Talk

The danger isn’t inflation, its lack of money

Bank-bashing with a vengeance

Evidence to the Monetary Policy Committee in 2007

US Fiscal Stimulus has failed



“Money Printing” in the modern banking system

Expropriation of the British Banking Sector

Banker Bashing may lead to an Exodus from the City

Demolishing the Three Million Jobs Myth

Tackling the halt in money growth

Doing it their way

Wrong Doctrine

Central banking, financial regulation and property rights