International Monetary Research Ltd.’s advice is predominantly given from the website, by e-mail and by phone. It is not intended that International Monetary Research Ltd. will hold regular seminars or conferences. However, subject to demand, an annual event will be held every December, probably at a breakfast meeting or early morning conference in London, at which Professor Tim Congdon will discuss trends in money and banking in the major economies, both in the past year or in prospect for the following year. Professor Congdon will give a view on the outlook for the world economy in the year to come, based on this discussion.

If you are interested in attending the December event, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected] .

Professor Congdon gives talks – on monetary economics and other topics – to think-tanks, academic institutions, political meetings and commercial organizations, and is a popular speaker at business conferences. Many of his talks are for public policy or educational purposes, and have no commercial purpose. If Professor Congdon talks for a commercial organization or at a business conference, he usually charges a minimum of £5,000. His fees are to be paid to the Institute of International Monetary Research.


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